Airplanes that Disappeared without a Trace – A Two-Part Series​

It’s a chilling phenomenon, yet it has existed since the dawn of air flight: Planes, and the people on them, go missing without a trace. From an early propeller plane that disappeared over the English Channel in December 1910, to a Japanese military jet that disappeared in April 2019, aviation history is filled with unsolvable mysteries.

Join us on a tour of 10 chilling and tragic airplane mysteries.

Part I

  • Mystery 1: Pan Am Flight 7
  • Mystery 2: N844AA


Part II

  • Mystery 3: Lost Squadron in the Bermuda Triangle
  • Mystery 4: Amelia Earhart
  • Mystery 5: B47 Stratojet
  • Mystery 6: Northwest Orient Airlines Flight 2501
  • Mystery 7: Flying Tiger Line Flight 739
  • Mystery 8: EgyptAir Flight 990
  • Mystery 9: Helios Flight 522
  • Mystery 10: TWA Flight 800

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