Our Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

ZMAN STREAMING is an outgrowth and expression of the energy and dedication that went into the OVADIA play, which sadly was postponed at the threshold of its first live performance.

After working tirelessly for months to present an amazing, live play production, and standing mere days before the curtains were to rise on opening night, our world changed overnight. Due to the dreaded coronavirus pandemic, all public venues, including theaters, were closed, and people were quarantined in their homes. To our severe disappointment, OVADIA was postponed until further notice.

With everyone confined to their home, with kids out of school and yeshiva, demand has been growing for something on the digital platform. Trying to find the silver lining in this difficult situation, we came to the decision to begin offering digital documentaries, in partnership with ZMAN Magazine. Drawing on ZMAN’s media expertise provides us with the resources to present the highest quality streaming videos.

We poured all our energy into creating this new project, ZMAN Streaming, from scratch in the space of just a few weeks, and our initial lineup of documentaries is simply spectacular, as you will see. We hope, with G-d’s help, to continue offering fresh documentaries on an ongoing basis and for years to come, even after OVADIA is revived.

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We hope people will appreciate the value in this project and support our undertaking. A very important part of your support is not to encourage anyone who downloads and copies the content for distribution outside our web platform. Many digital content businesses have failed due to piracy undermining its revenue model. Keep in mind that, besides for the halachic and moral issues of copying material without permission from an organization that has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop it—it will also be counterproductive in the long run, as they will be forced to stop producing any new material.

Yours truly,

Alter Wagschal