Our Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

ZMAN is extremely proud to have recently marked our 10th anniversary as the Jewish community’s premier family magazine featuring in-depth true stories. Over the past decade, the “ZMAN family” of readers—who trust us to educate and entertain their family with content friendly to Torah families—has grown large. For the past few years, we have been hearing more and more calls for ZMAN to expand beyond print, and to provide content on the digital platform as well. Parents and mechanchim are seeking to fill the demand for engaging, informational content they can trust in the digital medium.

Although we have strongly considered making the jump to video content in the past, our audience is well aware that when ZMAN takes on a project, we will only do it if it can be done to the highest standards of quality and preparation. For that reason, this plan has sat on the shelf for quite some time.

Unfortunately, our world has changed overnight. With the dreaded coronavirus epidemic, many people are confined to their homes, kids aren’t in school and yeshiva, and demand has been growing. With increasing emails coming in asking why we don’t offer something on the digital platform—and in consultation with mechanchim and askanim—we were encouraged to make a very significant investment in bringing the plan for a digital version of ZMAN to fruition.

In that light, we are delighted to announce the launch of ZMAN Streaming, available exclusively on our dedicated website. Although ZMAN has until now mainly been a print business, our real business is telling stories. From now, we will use the mediums of audio and video to expand our reach of stories, with consistently updated documentaries on a wide range of fascinating topics.

At this initial stage, when we are still building the platform and our video production schedule, we want to keep you updated with the latest new content, so you don’t miss anything. Please enter your email address below to make sure you don’t miss out on the latest developments from this absolutely unique initiative in the Torah world! All the latest news from ZMAN Streaming will come straight to your inbox.

We hope people will appreciate the value in this project and support our undertaking. A very important part of your support is not to encourage anyone who downloads and copies the content for distribution outside our web platform. Many digital content businesses have failed due to piracy undermining its revenue model. Keep in mind that, besides for the halachic and moral issues of copying material without permission from an organization that has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop it—it will also be counterproductive in the long run, as they will be forced to stop producing any new material

Yours truly, the ZMAN team